Member Profile: NORSOC, Intelligent Cyber Security


One of the key things we want to achieve for our Cyber members is to support them to grow their business across the region.  As an engaged and active member of Cyber East, NORSOC have a lot to offer businesses across East Anglia.  Led by a passionate individual let’s learn a little more about him and his history…


Paul Debnam started his career in IT back in 2006 providing web services, gradually growing the business into a managed service provider (BYTE Computing Ltd). As a matter of course they provided antivirus software to protect their clients, which was sufficient for many years, as the threat landscape evolved they saw not only the rate of cyber-attacks increase significantly, but also the complexity and cunning with which attacks are delivered. 


Paul continues the story, “about 6 years ago we responded to a client who had fallen foul of ransomware, we had backup systems in place to be able to restore data quickly so downtime was minimal. Today however the same event may have had a different ending, each year attack techniques change considerably and now include data exfiltration and online blackmail almost as standard”. In this scenario the ability to restore backups may not be enough to save a company from an attack. 


Paul took a personal interest in the issue, finding it intriguing.  On a professional level he “found it concerning and I realised that cyber threats were only going to get worse as more business processes become digitised, and decided to start looking at cyber threats and trends in order to be able to protect our customers”.


After the Covid outbreak in 2020 and the growth of nation state attack activity, BYTE saw a large increase in certain types of attacks against a lot of their clients, so after putting their staff through cybersecurity certifications decided to start a new business, NORSOC, which concentrated solely on cybersecurity to bring to the table more advanced protection and monitoring to counter the increasingly clever tactics of criminal, hobbyist and state based hackers which threaten UK business 24/7.


The main aim of NORSOC is to try and get cybersecurity tools out to UK businesses so they can cover the main vulnerabilities every company has, but to do this in a simple way without too much jargon.  Business leaders really do need to show an active and ongoing interest and investment in cybersecurity as their company may depend on it if attacked.  However, this subject can often be unnecessarily technical and sometimes overwhelming, causing many to glaze over when they hear about it, or worse still think it’s not a risk to their organisation.


Getting the message across in an interesting way with easy set packages is the company’s main goal, so they have developed a clear set of services and pricing for their Security Operations Centre (or SOC) services.  Making it as easy as possible for businesses of all sizes to access the support and protection they deserve and need is something that NORSOC have done very well and will be able to build on as their clients needs evolve.


If you want to know more about Paul’s journey or to talk business with him you can reach him at or find out a little more over on their website.



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